How to surprise your parents with a good present

Whether it be a gift for their birthday or a joint present for to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Here are some ideas for gifts that will surprise your parents whatever the occasion.
Put it in writing

When was the last time you told your parents you love them? Sit down and handwrite a letter on nice paper or in a card to tell them how much you love and admire them. Thank them for their support and encouragement in your life. Be specific about events and let them know their actions and advice have had a positive influence on your life. Let them know of occasions that they made you laugh, apologise for occasions you made them cry. End with a promise that you endeavour to be the best son/daughter you can be and that you wish to make them proud.
Anniversary party

If your parents are celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary, take on the responsibility of organising a party to mark the day. Arrange a party at the same venue where they held their wedding reception or a place that has special meaning to them both. Decorate the room with the same colours from their actual wedding day and repeat the flowers from the bride’s bouquet. This is a great way to spend time with your parents (a gift in itself) allowing them to reminisce about their wedding and married life.
The surprise for the party would be to invite those people at the wedding who your parents have not seen for years. Arrange for the bridesmaid or best man to turn up at the reception without your parents knowing in advance. Enlarge one of their best wedding photos, have it framed and display it at the party. This will become a gift they can treasure at home. If the photograph is faded or worn, arrange for this to be restored professionally or by someone who excels at photoshop.
Treasured gifts

Spend time with your parents. That’s a precious gift on it’s own. If it’s not possible to see your parents on the day, send flowers. Flowers are symbolic of many characteristics like love, courage and integrity so choose those that have meaning for you in a bouquet or table arrangement.
For a treasured gift, a rose gilded in silver, gold or platinum represents the strength and longevity of your parents love. Displayed in their home, it will be a daily reminder of the love they have to share and the love that is held for them too.
Whatever gift you choose for your parents for whatever the occasion, your parents will appreciate the thought and effort you have made.