Why All This

At Childrens Referendum we aim to provide you with suggestions and ideas to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.
Sometimes friendships can become difficult, that’s normal. We’ll help you patch things up when you fall out with a friend. How to surviving living with your siblings and your parents is something else we can help with too.
We all have to take tests and we all get nervous sometimes. We have lots of advice on managing test stress and other challenges related to school, like how to manage your time so you can fit in your activities with school and homework; or worries you may have about starting high school.
We can help you make choices and changes so that you can ‘go green’ and protect planet earth.
We’ll help you keep yourself safe online and in the real world too.
We have ideas about how to make and manage money too.
There is a lot of talk about immigration in our lives and our world today. At Childrens Referendum we offer information and advice on this topic that can help us all connect with other people and understand our own family histories.