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Welcome to the Children’s Referendum – Our Mission – to Provide a Children’s Perspective on Childhood

The Children's Referendum is a premier website about children and their life. Aimed at young people who love to question the world around them, this is a portal dedicated to childhood and the issues that children today are facing in modern society. While we cover some serious issues, most of our articles concentrate on the fun aspects of being a kid. We know how important it is for children to have a place where they can express themselves, find out more about the wider issues affecting society today in an accessible way and read more about the things that really interest them. That is why we created The Children's Referendum, to give young people some answers to their big questions and some suggestions of new ways to look at life.

Meet the Team

Lisa Thomson, the creator of this site, is a qualified primary school teacher and mum of three from Essex in the UK. She came up with the idea for The Children's Referendum when she was working on a debating topic with her Year Six class and realised that the children were keen to express their differing viewpoints on a host of different issues from simple childhood problems like “should we have to wear a school uniform” to bigger world matters like the effects of warfare on young people around the world.

Having seen first hand in the classroom the range of problems that affect young people today – worries about school work, bullying issues and fears about losing friends and fitting in, as well as being uniquely placed to know what children enjoy and what makes them tick, she decided that it was time that children were given their own online portal where they can find informative articles that address the issues that they are most interested in and get helpful advice in an anonymous way.

She recognised that today's young people are independent and ever-more tech savvy, so a website that allows them to look for solutions and suggestions is a great way to encourage children to be responsible for their own development while helping to shape them into the citizens of tomorrow.

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Our Missions and Aims

aimsWhile childhood is a wonderful time filled with games and laughter, it can also be a time of challenges and ups and downs. Falling out with friends, struggling with exam nerves, not seeing eye to eye with parents and arguing with brothers and sisters is all part of normal life, but can be hard to deal with. We are here to offer you advice and solutions for handling all the troublesome times, from worries about starting a new school to managing your time so that you can fit in all of your studies and still have fun too.

Part of our mission is also to discuss the big issues in the world today and to raise awareness of problems that can touch the lives of your people. We touch on issues like immigration and cultural awareness enabling young people to gain a deeper understanding that will benefit their communities and forge stronger links between social groups, and bullying, where we offer suggestions about who to approach for help and offer a listening ear. Helping children to become ecologically aware will protect the environment in the future, so our aim at The Children's Referendum is to offer children choices and the opportunity to make changes so that they can go green. We are not only about safeguarding the future of our planet, but also about protecting our children's individual futures too, that is why we also have a focus on financial issues and money management, helping young people to plan for a wealthier tomorrow.

We also highlight the importance of online safety in today's increasingly digital community and guide children into making the right choices both on the internet and in their everyday lives to protect themselves from harm. We aren't all about the serious issues though – we also have lots of light hearted and helpful articles for you to enjoy, such as how to choose your parent's a great anniversary present. Whether you're looking for answers to your problems or just want to have fun, here at Children's Referendum we aim to give a unique children's perspective on life.

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Facts About Issues That Affect Children

Did you know that around 50% of young people are victims of bullying every year? That comes to a total of around 1.5 million people between the ages of 12 and 20.

The top five issues that worry children today include:

  • Problems with friends and falling out with each other
  • Sibling issues – arguments and fights with brothers and sisters
  • Family problems and changes in family dynamics, from getting a new brother or sister to death or divorce
  • Moving house and associated concerns such as starting at a new school, making new friends and leaving behind old ones
  • Body image concerns – fears about being the wrong height or body shape, of wearing the wrong clothes or just not fitting in with others

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